Final Salvation is a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign created by an international team of developers.

After travelling along the river for a few days, the four survivors tie their boat to a small dock along a canal in an unknown city. They are drawn here by radio messages indicating a possible military controlled outpost within the city. As they move deeper into the city, the military's plan becomes clear. Their only hope for salvation is to reach the outpost. They need to move fast, because when the clock stops ticking, the worldwide bombing of infected areas begins.

The first chapter has been released as a teaser. Download now!

Team members

aaWee - Project Leader, Lead Level Designer

Doctor - Level Designer

Exi - Level Designer

Goudvis - Level Designer, Texturing, Web Designer

Roflmahwafflz - Level Designer


Final Salvation Demo

This is the first chapter of the campaign. Map 1: 'The Canal' is released now as a teaser for the full campaign.

Download now on l4dmaps.com:


Past team members:

RPG the Mute - Level Designer, NAV Developer
Suninos - Level Designer, Audio
Trick - Modeller

Thanks to:

~Mister-X2 for the original site background image